The Essex

This will be advertised on IG with the sign up on the competitiion page.

These are run by the Social committee.

Dine After 9 - The Nearly Oktoberfest Theme 15th September

Reverse Tees 2-Ball Format and Rules: Played as a 2 person team where each hole is played as follows: First shot: Highest Handicap player tees off from Yellow tees - Lowest Handicap player tees off from Red tees Second shot: Lower Handicap player hit's the Higher Handicap players’ tee shot and the Higher Handicap player hits the Lower Handicap players' tee shot From there the players play each others shots again but continue and finish the hole with that ball Both players scores are entered on the card and added together for a team score on each hole Playing Handicap Allowances: Men 40 - Ladies 54 Scoring:. Stableford scoring on each hole with both scores entered and added together for a team score on each hole. All scorecards must be signed and verified before turning in to the Committee member handling scoring on the day.

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